7.15 Introduction

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All LabLynx LIMS/LIS solutions have their features and functions contained in our master "COTS" (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) LIMS, the latest version of which is 7.16. All modules - e.g. forensic, clinical, manufacturing, environmental etc. - are present in the COTS LIMS, so that we can select the very best combination of functions and features for each customer lab. At its core, LabLynx does the fundamentals of lab data handling really well: receiving samples of some kind, applying single-step or multi-step processes/tests, reporting results and identifying outliers.
Various Types of Labs Montage.PNG
These are functions shared by every lab there is. But there is a world of difference between, say, a commercial environmental lab and a molecular diagnostic lab! Terminology, tests, reports, the use of sample points vs specimens, different processes...these all serve to make each lab uniquely suited to its specific purposes.

So most labs of a given type are similar, and you will get the edition of the LabLynx LIMS/LIS that makes sense for your lab. But though labs may be similar within a given vertical, it is in fact quite rare that they are identical enough that exactly the same features and functions work for them all. This is where our highly configurable, flexible selection of comprehensive functions that can be activated as desired have a great advantage over inflexible purpose-built systems.

And in addition to that, with LabLynx you get a free sciCloud.net® account, with default apps like an ELN, Open Science Framework (OSF) and more, plus a range of general business and utility apps like CRM, webpage builder, accounting, etc. So your LabLynx solution really is a complete solution for your lab - no matter what kind it is!

But it's not only a vast selection of apps you get with your free sciCloud.net® membership. SciCloud.net® is a huge, vibrant home to the general laboratory, informatics, science and health industry, with tens of thousands of members and communities - all at your service. You can establish your own community (or multiple communities if you want) to represent your particular areas of interest, your company or specialized services, or scientific/research projects, app-centric groups...anything you want. SciCloud.net® is a CDBE: a community-based digital business ecosystem. To learn more about all of its resources and benefits, see SciCloud.net®, Open Platform for Community Growth and Open Platform for Continuous Innovation. It's all part of the overall community-based informatics platform that completes your unique, comprehensive LabLynx solution.