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Business Intelligence applications are apps that help businesses analyze and interpret data so that they can make informed strategic decisions. No matter what kind of business you are, from a lab to healthcare delivery to research project, agency or other organization, it's important to do things efficiently, based on the metrics that apply in your discipline.

The main types of business intelligence apps include

  • Spreadsheets
  • Reporting and querying software: applications that extract, sort, summarize, and present selected data
  • Online analytical processing (OLAP)
  • Digital dashboards
  • Data mining
  • Process visualization
  • Data warehousing
  • Local information systems[1]

Report with Charts - Complex.png® has a number of BI apps available to members, plus their related plugins and add-ons and support communities, providing a rich source of solutions for maximizing your business analysis.

LIMS/LIS like webLIMS contain built-in comprehensive reporting and control charting capabilities, including trending, graphs, tables and the like. In addition, there are apps you can select singly or in concert with others, whose primary function is to provide graphic representations of data, reports or other extrapolations from their own or externally warehoused data. Your® representative will help you choose the right components to create the ideal solution package for your specific needs.

If you'd like more information about Business Intelligence Apps or you have questions about® services and/or applications, contact Support, search the Marketplace for qualified services or contact LabLynx at LabLynx Contact Us, or 770.859.1992 (toll-free at 800.585.5969).

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