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Icon-community.png® Community includes a wide range of apps designed to provide you with a complete business solution for your office, lab, agency, institution, project or other scientific facility. Even if you have zero budget, you can have all the apps you need to handle all of your processes, from CRM to finances, document management, project management and more, with literally thousands of additional plugins and add-ons available.® Community is automatically provided to all ® members (which includes all LabLynx clients), and is included in all other® suites and editions, and also offers a limitless supply of additional apps, each with their own continuously dynamic set of plugins and add-ons to meet all kinds of needs. Community support is included, with additional support available, and of course all of the many resources and benefits of®.

Community Solutions

The great breadth of offerings available in® Community means that no matter who you are or what you do, it provides you with the app suite to do it better. But there is additional benefit. Along with your Community Suite that's included in your free® membership, every member gets the free ability to create their own community. The benefits of that are significant. You can make a community that represents your company or organization, with SSO (Single Sign-On) so that when employees log in they are instantly logged into any and all company apps and systems. And the same goes for customers, they can log into your community and see all the information, demos and other materials you want them to be able to access.

Your community (and you can create additional ones as well) contains all of the same functionality, resources etc. of®: discussion forum, books, journals, articles, events, search, jobs, marketplace, courses - but tailored to your specific topics (you set the parameters). You can monetize your community through sponsorship and/or e-commerce if you like, vet membership and content and more. It's YOUR community (or communities).

Collaboration Apps

A selection of collaboration apps is free and included with all ® products and editions. It consists of your ® account, free collaboration apps and community support.

The collaboration apps comprise the full content of the ® Community Cloud Edition. These include:

  • Messaging
  • Projects
  • Experiments
  • Integrations
  • Development

For more about the apps included in® Community Cloud, click here. Contact us to learn more, get a demo, etc. at the Contact Us page.