Driving Forces of Change

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Driving ForcesII.png

A number of things can affect the directions businesses take in any industry, including economic conditions, technology, changing market needs, commoditization, government regulations, political and social climates, etc.[1][2]

These forces can take one of two general forms:

1. Undeniable and irresistible: These forces are ignored at a company's peril. They are important and fundamental enough that ignoring or fighting them will probably lead to failure of the business. For instance, an economic climate that is recessive limits the marketplace for luxury items. To introduce or invest heavily in that area could seriously damage or cause failure of a business.[3]

2. Useful vs fading or non-recommended: These include things like technological growth areas and social trends. For instance, the internet provided an incredible and unprecedented means of reaching large amounts of people simply and cheaply. Many took advantage of that early on, while others remained locked in traditional marketing methods. Those who did embrace the new technology gained significant competitive advantage.[4]

It's clear, in reviewing our past performance and past attributes, that LabLynx has always been in the forefront of identifying trends and technologies, whether it was producing the world's first web-browser-based LIMS or providing cloud-hosting before the term was even in use. This is a hallmark of the company. Recent and current driving forces of change, as identified from our experience in our industry, include the following:

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