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A great explanation of what an ELN is can be found at LIMSwiki.com:

"An electronic laboratory notebook (also known as electronic lab notebook or ELN) is a software program or package designed to replace more traditional paper laboratory notebooks. Laboratory notebooks in general are used by scientists and technicians to document, store, retrieve, and share fully electronic laboratory records in ways that meet all legal, regulatory, technical and scientific requirements.[1] A laboratory notebook is often maintained to be a legal document and may be used in a court of law as evidence. Similar to an inventor's notebook, the lab notebook is also often referred to in patent prosecution and intellectual property litigation. Modern electronic lab notebooks have the advantage of being easier to search upon, support collaboration amongst many users, and can be made more secure than their paper counterparts."

You probably already know what an ELN is. What you might like to know is that LabLynx provides you with one FREE with your (free) sciCloud.net® account when you join (also for free) the LIMSforum.com community for all laboratory, informatics, medical and science professionals!


SciNote is part of the default selection of apps in sciCloud.net®, and it comes already coupled with the OSF Open Science Framework, so you can get to work right away on secure collaborative or closed projects.

Your free cloud-based ' SciNote ELN lets you, and anyone else you allow access, to fully document your projects and generate reports. Features include:

  • Create and modify projects and their workflows
  • Time/date stamp all actions and notes/comments
  • Set due dates for tasks
  • Create protocols
  • Upload results or any kind of files
  • Controlled, secure access and sharing
  • Powerful search tool to find any projects or content within them
  • Easily-generated and modifiable reports

To get your free SciNote ELN - and in fact ALL of the many free benefits and resources of the LIMSforum, just go to http://limsforum.com.

  1. Zall, Milton (2001). "The nascent paperless laboratory". Chemical Innovation: 14–21. http://pubs.acs.org/subscribe/archive/ci/31/i02/html/02zall.html.