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Developer(s) LabLynx, Inc.
Initial release 2000 (2000)[1]
Type Laboratory informatics software
Website LabLynx.com

ELab is a laboratory information management system (LIMS) and collection of associated modules developed to help professionals in the scientific community manage data coming into and leaving the laboratory.[2] The original LabLynx LIMS became known as ELab shortly before LabLynx fully separated from Atlanta Systems Consultants, Inc. in 2001.[1] It is combined with additional apps and available as a webLIMS edition through the LabLynx, Inc. sciCloud.net® open community for laboratory, scientific and healthcare professionals.[3]

Over 30 different modules and functions are included with ELab, and licenses for the software are available with both onsite of offsite hosting services. LabLynx also states that ELab currently serves in many validated environments, including 21 CFR Part 11, College of American Pathologists (CAP), and ISO/IEC 17025, in compliance with such standards as HIPAA, HL7, STORENET, FDA- and EPA-regulated good laboratory practice (GLP), and more.[2]


The following product features are listed for ELab, as found on the LabLynx site.

1. Sample login, accessioning, etc.

• Link documents, tests, processes, and paths to match your workflow.

• Create scheduled events.

• Create variations for cases, projects/lots, and sample points.

• Create sample and result batches.

2. Barcoding

• Generate barcode labels and schedule the generation of them.

• Track inventory, samples, etc.

3. Mobile device integration and support

4. Workload management

• Designate responsibility for any samples, batches or other items based on location, qualification, or other criteria.

• View analyst's assignments

5. Workflow management

• Set an unlimited number of processes.

• Assign specific processes to a specific sample.

6. Scheduling

• Define regular intervals for anything, including sample/batch receipt, instrument calibration and maintenance, training courses, and shelf life.

• Schedule holidays and time off.

7. Sample analysis and results entry

• Assign sample tests and paths.

• Enter results manually or imports them directly from instruments.

• View, report, analyze, organize, and export results.

• Supports all character types.

• Enter comments or attach images.

8. QA/QC

• Create templates to apply as desired, or create QC samples on an ad-hoc basis.

• Support for out-of-limit flagging, formulas, and charting/trending.

9. Instrument interfacing, calibration, and maintenance

• Can interface with any instrument that produces a text file.

• Track maintenance and calibration history, including any uploaded receipts or other documents.

• Store instrument details like model, serial number, date of purchase, assigned tests, authorized analysts, etc.

10. Electronic data exchange

• Upload instrument results.

• Integrate with third-party software.

• Electronically report to systems like eLexnet or other government-mandated protocols.

11. Calculations

• Perform numerous calculations, including standard arithmetic, log base 10, exponent, and absolute value.

• Includes standard QC-type calcs like "% Recovery of QC Spike," etc.

• Results from other tests may be included in calculations.

12. Sample management and tracking

• Track the check-in, check-out, transfer, and disposition of samples and other items through the laboratory.

• Document location, date/time, and identity of the user performing the actions.

13. Reporting

• Use configurable standard or create custom reports using the active reporting tool or database reporting tools.

• Print, fax, and e-mail generated reports.

• Export to Excel and other formats.

14. Trending and control charting

• Export data to Excel for charting of trends.

• Use built-in control charting function

15. Audit trails

• Modifications made to information are stamped with that user’s identification and the system level date and time.

• Users required to enter a reason for result changes.

• Captures the newly entered result as well as the edited result.

• Audit trail can be full or targeted.

16. Chain of custody

• Support to NELAC/NELAP standards.

• Chain of custody reports printable on demand.

17. Document management

• Upload and retrieve documents of any kind.

• Associate documents with samples, results, personnel, customers, instrument maintenance tracking, etc.

• Versioning is forced where required.

18. Inventory

• Organize and track any defined items in the LIMS, grouping them according to specific criteria.

• Track storage, usage, and quantity.

• Receive alerts when stocks go below a defined level.

19. Training tracking

• Track completed courses and certifications for all personnel.

• Receive alerts when additional training is required to maintain certifications.

• Upload and manage associated documents.

20. Event-driven alerts

• Create alert definitions which are triggered according to your requirements.

• Trigger events such as sending e-mails based on user-defined criteria.

21. Multi-language support

• Configure language settings.

• Configure time zone differences for multinational deployment.

22. Compliance

• Software complies with ASCLD, NELAC, 21 CFR Part 11, CLIA, GALP/GAMP, HL7, HIPAA, Section 508, ISO 17025, ASTM, IEEE, and ACS standards.

23. Version control

• Versioning forced on all relevant changes to system data, including tests, parameters, limits, reports, configurations, and software.

• All changes are date- and time-stamped

24. Configurability

• Most aspects of the system can be configured, including database tables, fields, screens, calculations, reports, charts, external interfaces, tests, parameters, limits.

• Define and link processes, tests, and sample or batch paths and all of the associated parameters/limits.

• Configure security permissions from micro to macro level on individual screens, tests, processes, job functions, departments, and laboratory locations.

25. Knowledge management

• Archive old data for later queries and data mining.

• Warehouse results, reports, trends, e-mails, pricing, invoicing, notes, training, and instrument maintenance tracking information.


Pricing, as well as more details about specific editions and solutions, is available on the LabLynxPress Editions & Pricing page. As prices may change at any time, always contact the vendor directly to obtain a price list or quote.

LIMS Maintenance, Warranty, Support, and Service Plans
Maintenance and support plans Maintenance Annual service and support hours incl. Support hours Maintenance, support, and service costs Special notes
Bronze One year of unlimited updates and upgrades plus warranty 4 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, excluding holidays 15% of total license fee; minimum $4,500 per year; hourly services and support at $185/hour This plan is included at no charge to all webLIMS accounts with 1–9 concurrent users.
Silver One year of unlimited updates and upgrades plus warranty 16 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, excluding holidays 15% of total license fee; minimum $5,500 per year; hourly services and support at $175/hour This plan is included at no charge to all webLIMS accounts with 10–24 concurrent users.
Gold One year of unlimited updates and upgrades plus warranty 24 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, excluding holidays 15% of total license fee; minimum $8,500 per year; hourly services and support at $165/hour This plan is included at no charge to all webLIMS accounts with 25–74 concurrent users.
Platinum One year of unlimited updates and upgrades plus warranty 40 24 hours per day, 7 days per week 15% of total license fee; minimum $25,000 per year; hourly services and support at $150/hour This plan is included at no charge to all webLIMS accounts with 75+ concurrent users.

Hardware/software requirements

In most cases customers choose to have LabLynx host their ELab webLIMS solution in its state-of-the-art, secure SAE 16 SOC2 Cloud Hosting infrastructure at no extra cost. However, hosting requirements are modest if you prefer to install ELab onto your own servers. The exact recommendations will be provided for you by your LabLynx, Inc. representative, based on your usage requirements.

Videos, screenshots, and other media


The following demonstration videos are available for ELab:


Demos and live examples

Contact the company for more information at lablynx.com.

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External links

ELab 6 User and Administrator Guide: http://elabhelp.lablynx.com


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