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Like so many things about LabLynx, Inc., our approach to pricing is different from most LIMS/LIS or other data management companies out there. Again you'll find our approach is one of transparency and simplicity - merged with flexibility and choice, so you get the right solution for YOU, at the lowest cost. Our prices are posted publicly here on LabLynx.com.

Your solution will be a combination of apps and features within those apps, and the edition you select will be based on the size of your lab, the number of users and how scalable you need to be regarding them, and your budget - both now and in the coming years - plus business considerations like cloud-hosting vs self-hosting, concurrent user subscription/license vs named users, etc.

The Editions and Pricing table lists the available LabLynx Products and Services down the left-hand side, and as you read across for each, you can see the availability of each with each Edition option (listed across the top of the table).

The LabLynx LIMS/LIS

You will see from the table in the Editions and Pricing section of the LabLynx.com site that the Editions all include sciCloud.net® standard cloud-hosted applications, for instance, under Open Source licensing. But The LabLynx LIMS/LIS is licensed differently for each. So, for those editions, licensing is as follows:

  • Standard Edition - $3,000 for a 2-named user annual subscription. Additional named users are $1,200 per year each.
  • Premium Edition - $6,000 for a 2-concurrent user annual subscription. Additional concurrent users are $2,400 per year each.
  • Enterprise Edition - $30,000 one-time charge for 5 concurrent user perpetual license. Additional concurrent user perpetual licenses are $5,000 each (one-time fee).

Service Plans, if you scroll to the bottom of the table, are as follows:

  • Standard Edition - Included in annual subscription (Includes 8 annual Support Hours)
  • Premium Edition - Included in annual subscription (Includes 16 annual Support Hours)
  • Enterprise Edition - Annual 20% of license fee. If you choose to self-host rather than have LabLynx host, there is an additional annual fee of $4,500 (Includes 24 annual Support Hours).


Every edition comes with the exclusive cloud-hosted (for free) sciCloud.net® suite of open source applications, with additional optional applications available. There is no limit to the number of free users you can have. Take care of everything from CRM to Project Management, Website building and management (CMS), Invoicing and Accounting, Inventory and more, plus laboratory-specific apps like ELN, EHR and more.

LIMSforum.com is also included, with valuable publications at LIMSbook.com, courses and certifications at LabCourses.com, and the ability to post and search jobs at LabCareers.com.

If you want to integrate other applications, databases, agencies or instruments/devices, your sciCloud.net® solution includes the option to do that using our exclusive LabVia interfacing solution.

To learn more, see sciCloud.net®.


Along with sciCloud.net®, LIMSforum.com completes the set of free apps and resources that comes with every edition. LIMSforum is LabLynx's social network for the laboratory, scientific and healthcare community, established through the Laboratory Informatics Institute founded by LabLynx to advance standards, advocate labs and encourage free information flow. Tens of thousands of professionals enjoy free membership where they can freely discuss ideas, issues and various topics, publish articles, surveys, etc. and make use of the many tools and resources LIMSforum offers. These include collaborative project management, a marketplace where members can order lab supplies and more, first notice of various opportunities and more. Some resources offered at LIMSforum.com include:

  • LIMSbook.com - Free, Open Access books, journals and Knowledge Base
  • LabCourses.com - Free, Open Access Courses for all of your laboratory staff
  • LabCareers.com - Free career resources and job board for laboratory professionals & employers
  • sciCloud.net® - You can access sciCloud.net® either at LIMSforum or from LabLynx.com in a solution edition.
  • Bid & Grant Opportunities
  • News and Events


While the LabLynx LIMS and many of the other apps in the LabLynx and sciCloud.net® libraries readily share files with instruments and other systems, there are also situations where the integration required is more complex. For those we have LabVia, LabLynx's exclusive middleware and hub hardware/software product, available through sciCloud.net® to manage your connections and data sharing.

LabVia intelligently manages multiple data communications between all kinds of devices, services, systems or other sources.

Use LabVia to connect with:

  • SDMS, MES, PLM, DMS, EHR/EMRs, PMS or other Systems/Software or Databases
  • LIMS or other Laboratory Information Systems
    LabVia Middleware Hub
  • Instruments
  • Field Devices, Mobile, Hand-held etc.
  • POC Devices
  • Billing Services
  • Regulatory/Reporting Agencies
  • Reference or Contract Labs
  • More...

LabVia is available as an option with all sciCloud.net® and LabLynx solutions.

LabVia Hub

The onsite part of the LabVia solution is the LabVia Hub. It is a hardware/software product that provides a central nexus point for all of the integrated nodes (instruments/devices, software applications etc.), intelligently managing their data. Full instructions on installation and setup are provided, and a LabLynx professional will guide you through the process. Or, if you prefer, we can come onsite and install it for you, ensuring all interfaced data points communicate properly. Many systems need only be able to provide files that your sciCloud.net® Solution can access to process and report, and/or be able to receive sample information from the LIMS. If serial connections are required, then a LabVia channel is utilized, and your hub will link up with the cloud-based software portion of LabVia to ensure perfect data routing and management.

LabVia Cloud

The cloud portion of LabVia is hosted for you in our Cloud Platform (IaaS), keeping your integrations securely managed in real time. And any time you need more integrations (e.g. you buy new instruments that you'd like to interface with your system), we can add a new channel for you that is configured to transfer the data you want, in the ways you want them.

You can forget about the details and concentrate on your own work, secure in the knowledge that your interfaces will continue functioning perfectly for as long as you have them. All maintenance, support and warranty is included in your annual agreement.

If you'd like more information about LabVia or you have questions about integration of your devices, services and/or applications, contact sciCloud.net® Support, search the Marketplace for qualified services or contact LabLynx at LabLynx Contact Us, or give us a call at 770.859.1992 or toll-free at 800.585.5969.

LabVia is offered across all LabLynx solution Editions, as an option. Licenses per interface are as noted in the table, and annual maintenance is also available (recommended to ensure continued smooth data management over the long term).

Cloud Hosting

LabLynx Cloud Hosting services are offered free with every Edition. The LabLynx Cloud Infrastructure|LabLynx Cloud Infrastructure has been built from the bottom up specifically for the laboratory, scientific and healthcare industry by us, with your unique standards and requirements in mind. Hosting is secure, regulatory-compliant and offers 99.9% uptime, using top-tier hardware and software, best practices and a state-of-the-art colocation facility and backup data center network.

For more information, see the Cloud Hosting page.

Service Plans

A Plan for Any Solution

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LabLynx, Inc. provides a selection of service plan options, whether your system and/or applications suite is SaaS cloud-hosted by us or maintained on your own servers, so you can rest assured you're well taken care of. All LabLynx subscription editions include the service plan as part of the subscription. Purchased perpetual-license Enterprise Edition LabLynx customers can pay an additional separate fee for their annual service plan.

What's In a Service Plan?

There are three areas covered by your LabLynx Service Plan:

  • Maintenance
  • Support
  • Warranty


Maintenance is the business of keeping your system up and running, including all updates/fixes and upgrades within major versions, and in the case of LabLynx-hosted accounts, all of the IT that goes along with that. LabLynx hosts our customers in our own dedicated cloud infrastructure at a state-of-the-art SSAE 16 SOC 2 data center with fully redundant systems, failover and hourly backup, as well as secondary daily backup at a geographically distant data center, offering 99.9% uptime reliability with HIPAA-compliant level of data security and SSL encryption.


Every service plan option comes with a number of support hours. You have questions - especially when you're just getting to know a new system. Your Help Desk account lets you put in a ticket any time you need help, and you can even email or call us to talk to our US-based, highly trained and experienced support staff.


We stand behind all of our work for as long as you are our customer. Any customizations, setup or configurations we do are guaranteed to be right, or we'll work until things perform the way they're supposed to - and there's never any additional charge.