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The one-time purchased perpetual license Enterprise Edition is the right choice for many labs who are US-based (not available outside the United States). And although, like the Community Edition, Standard Edition and Premium Edition it is offered with free Cloud Hosting, it also is the sole edition that allows the option to self-host. The perpetual license Enterprise Edition tends to suit larger labs or those for whom cash flow does not prohibit a significant up-front fee as opposed to an annual subscription fee.

The LabLynx Enterprise Edition includes everything that all of the others do, except that the annual Service Plan is separate (whether cloud-hosted or self-hosted) and it is not a subscription-based license.

Remember that regardless of which edition you choose for your LIMS or LIS solution, you always need to factor in the hourly services involved for implementation, including:

  • Report configuration
  • Any Integrations, e.g. to other systems/databases, instruments, services etc.

"Example? Sure, here you go!"

OK, Let's suppose you have a commercial environmental lab with sixteen lab users. No more than ten would tend to be logged in to the LIMS at any one time. Remember, you can also have any number of outside clients submit samples and/or view their reports online with no additional charges if you have the portal implemented. You do testing for internal as well as outside clients, and they will submit their own test requests and view status and final reports. You do some specialized asbestos testing along with other types of testing including metals. You want three instrument interfaces. The webLIMS Enterprise Edition implementation includes sample tracking, customer tracking as well as document management, inventory management, and instrument maintenance and calibration. Also included is a portal for client access to results. Implementation of the GEN Sample Group module is anticipated and includes a barcoded sample label, bench worksheet and a standard result report. WebLIMS meets ISO 17025 and other accreditation requirements. Includes tracking samples. Here's how it might break down:

Enterprise Edition Example Quote

Note that the Service Plan is a separate annual subscription (Includes 24 annual Support Hours). If you prefer to host it on your own servers, add the Self-Hosting Fee of $4,500 per year to the annual Service Plan, which allows for additional access issues that may be encountered by the support and development teams.

Take a look at the other editions offered to get an idea of which might work best for you. But to make sure you get the right solution package and edition, always talk to your LabLynx, Inc. representative. See the Company section of the LabLynx.com website for Contact Information.