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Government labs come in a variety of types. But they all share certain characteristics, such as defined processes, regulatory compliance, funding/budgetary and resources or supplies processes and constraints, etc., as well as core missions that are mandated by law.

Government labs can range from DHS to DOE to DOD to the CDC to municipal, and include top security level research, forensics, biodefense analysis and countermeasures, disease control, environmental, military base and veteran clinical - just about every type of lab there is. And government labs are bound by federal, state and county regulations to do due diligence when selecting LIMS solutions: researching a number of options, producing URS (User Requirement Specifications), and creating an RFP (Request For Proposal) that is issued to the top vendor candidates. The proposal judged as having the greatest merit, based on weighing all factors including features/functions, implementation process, support and price, is selected. As the proud winner of numerous government selections, LabLynx has demonstrated its value to the government laboratory community.

Features That Meet Your Needs

A key strength of LabLynx LIMS solutions is their flexibility, allowing a great deal of user configuration. This means two main things - ROI, or 'bang for the buck" value, and longevity - the more you can change and adapt your system, the longer it can function for you.

This flexibility also means that the same core LIMS can meet the needs of a wide variety of labs, with added value through the array of various apps included in® as part of your total solution. Configurable and powerful features include:

  • Receive, analyze and report by sample group/project/lot or single sample
  • Define your own tests with your own parameters/analytes, each with its own limits/ranges or specs
  • Assign sets of tests and custom limits by client, project, sample type of any other criteria, quickly and in bulk
  • Set your own drop-down picklist choices - and change them any time you want - in seconds!
  • Hide/display/rename any fields to suit YOUR needs. And you decide which to make mandatory
  • Create and assign workflows with any number and types of process steps
  • Assign user access levels precisely, down to the buttons and menu items they see
  • Report Builder included
  • Development tool included
  • Quick and powerful data search with dynamic, multiple criteria. Then export to Excel etc.
  • Interface with any other systems, databases, agencies and instruments/devices
  • ERP, CRM, CMS, EHR, ELN, BI and more

Compliant with Standards and Regulations That Are Important to You

The regulations and standards that apply to government labs are as varied as the labs themselves. All are supported in the LabLynx solution suites, including:

  • CLIA
  • HL7
  • 21 CFR part 11
  • 40 CFR part 3
  • Section 508
  • ISO 17025/ISO 9001
  • CAP
  • NIST
  • NIH
  • Others...