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The HealthCloud Community

The LabLynx, Inc. community consists of all LabLynx employees, partners and customers, all of whom freely interact, along with the larger laboratory, science and health informatics community as a whole, through the Laboratory Informatics Institute's free and open LIMSforum. An important component of that community is you, the HealthCloud Solutions Partner. You are the LabLynx representative to customers and potential customers as you help them to understand their informatics needs, especially with regard to functionality and CLIA and HIPAA compliance, and how LabLynx HealthCloud products and services provide solutions for them.

LabLynx Solutions Network


All LabLynx Community Network members gain access to the LabLynx solutions network, called LIMShelp, automatically. is the network of professionals with LabLynx certifications, or as certified partners qualified to provide services in other areas, like integrations, validations or support for the many applications in your® account.


Anyone with industry skills and qualifications can join the LabLynx Solutions Network. It's free, simple and easy, and can be done using your existing social media login, such as LinkedIn. And any LabLynx customer - whether through products like webLIMS, HealthCloudLIS, LabVia, etc., or through resources or services, gets access to the LSN by default. That means you receive updates, news and information on new resources like free apps, new functionality upgrades and more. You also can take various online courses for your own benefit or for accreditation in a variety of areas, like CLIA and HIPAA, ISO 17025 and more, LabLynx product certifications, lab, science, healthcare and informatics certifications and more. You are part of the larger entire community of nearly 100,000 professionals who enjoy the free benefits of the Laboratory Informatics Institute's LIMSforum.

Certified Professional

Once you take any courses, you become certified in that proficiency. LabLynx Solutions Network courses help you to become better at your current job, gain new skills related to LabLynx products, and track toward becoming a LabLynx Partner, available to earn income providing services for others. Courses range from industry qualifications to LabLynx certifications in product demonstration, implementation, development and more.

LSN Course Categories

Courses available to LSN members fall under the following categories:

  1. Introduction
  2. User
  3. Admin
  4. Developer
  5. Implementation
  6. Validation
  7. Applicable Regulatory Compliance
  8. Maintenance/Support
  9. Staffing/Recruiting
  10. Partner

LabLynx Partner

Apply to be a LabLynx Partner, and if accepted you become authorized to use the term "LabLynx Solutions Network Partner" on your LinkedIN profile and elsewhere. As you take and complete courses, you can add additional qualifications to your profile, allowing you to provide more services, gaining more business. Taking courses and achieving certifications increases your value and allows LabLynx to refer business, assigning you tasks appropriate with your skillset to serve LabLynx, Inc. customers. You are also free to seek out your own business.

The three types of LabLynx Partners are:

  • Recruiter - LabLynx, Inc. training produces professional recruiters who don't rely on keywords, but actually understand our industry and resource needs, providing unique value to both job-seekers and employers.
  • Consultant - LabLynx, Inc. Consultants are highly trained professionals who provide a wide range of services, based on their course certifications.
  • Developer - LabLynx, Inc. Developers come to us already skilled in relevant development languages, and are trained on LabLynx products and procedures to allow them to deliver the very finest level of customizations, in timely fashion and according to SOPs and quality standards.