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The LabLynx LIS for clinical/healthcare laboratories is simple, straight-forward and reliable, designed to help you process all your specimens in the fastest time possible - accurately and clearly. Send results directly to your EHR, requesting physician or patient portal or simply print the report. All standard assays and panels are included, complete with appropriate ranges and results display as high, low or within normal range, along with their value.

It's a web browser-based, full-function LIS that can be hosted anywhere, i.e. on the customer's own server, on a third-party server (like Amazon, etc.) or, most commonly, by LabLynx in its dedicated secure cloud hosting infrastructure. This means users can access it from anywhere, at any time, since it is not downloaded and residing on individual workstations. It also means any maintenance is performed seamlessly and without having to address each workstation in the lab.

Our Laboratory Information System (LIS) is LabLynx, Inc.'s exclusive laboratory data management system, specifically designed and configured for clinical/healthcare laboratories. There are a number of specialized variations of the LabLynx LIS, each configured to individual specifications for the many types of clinical and healthcare labs in operation. All types are supported, including hospital labs, physician office labs (POLs), urgent care and other healthcare organization labs, commercial diagnostic labs and all patient-centric diagnostic labs. The primary criterion for using the term "LIS" (Laboratory Information System) as opposed to "LIMS" (Laboratory Information Management System) is that the former tends to be the term most used by patient-centric, diagnostics labs. LabLynx LIS solutions reflect the terminological and emphases differences between these and labs in industries outside of healthcare, as well as regulatory requirements (HIPAA, HITECH, CLIA, CAP) and common linkups with EMRs/EHRs. Medical/clinical research is supported in the LabLynx Research Cloud solutions packages.
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The LabLynx LIS (*See note at bottom of page regarding HealthCloudPOL) is an enterprise-class system that provides all of the functionality any clinical laboratory needs, while also being highly configurable and scalable to meet any future needs.

Clinical applications include:

In short, any kind of clinical application involving testing of some kind is supported by the LabLynx LIS for Clinical Laboratories. Features include:

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The LabLynx Clinical/Healthcare LIS is specifically designed for ease of use, with a configurable menu that is filtered according to the access role of the user. It is set up to mimic the general flow of the lab, from registration and accession of assay requests/orders, cases or trial groups and the ability to auto-assign and/or manually assign tests at the top of the menu, through any number of defined steps, with results direct from your integrated instruments to the LIS presented in a professional report, directly into your EHR or patient web portal. Or results can of course be entered manually, with any number of approval stages required in either case.

In conjunction with the central functions described, LabLynx provides quick and easy access (for authorized users) to patient and staff information, pending work lists, inventory management, contract or reference lab information, report approval, issue and archiving and other ancillary functions of your laboratory.

Your LabLynx LIS is delivered with its own Reporting Tool as well, so you can modify existing templates and make new ones of your own. A set of standard reports are included, including specimen labels with barcode, work lists, received samples log and patient result report - all configurable to your specific preferences.

Example Report

Regulatory Compliance

In clinical applications, it is important to understand and meet the applicable regulations that the LIS supports, with HIPAA and CLIA being foremost. And while HITECH is primarily aimed at EHRs, webLIMS also is fully consistent with it and helps you to maintain that compliance. Additionally, standards such as GLP, GCLP, as well as CAP, ASCLD and those handed down through HHS, CMS, IHE and others.

And if you choose to interface with your EHR, billing services, instruments or any other entities, be assured that HIPAA compliance is maintained. All data transfer uses CLIA/HITECH-mandated HL7 protocol.

Scalable Plug-ins and Support

One of the most important features of your LabLynx LIS is the inclusion of user tools for customizing the system to your own unique requirements. Instead of having to spend additional funds on development, if you need to you can configure the system using the tools available right from the administrative menu. Included configuration tools allow you to set drop-down picklist choices, make fields mandatory or not, display or hide fields, add new fields (text, radio buttons, picklists, checkboxes, lookups etc.). They also allow you to define and manage users, an unlimited number of locations and/or departments, set up tests, define and manage multiple range sets, notifications and more.

All of the above is pre-set for you when you get your LabLynx LIS solution, which also includes a free® community account and membership in our community for laboratory, informatics, medical and scientific professionals. That gives you additional free apps that combine to provide a full-spectrum solution for your lab - as well as many, many other benefits and resources, and a forum to air your views and learn and discuss those of others in our industry.

But whether or not you are interested in making your own additional configurations, you can absolutely get any of several Plug-ins to expand your system's functionality even further. These include:

  • Inventory Management Module
  • Training and Certification Management Module
  • Integration Modules
    • EHR
    • Instruments/Devices
    • Billing Service
    • Web Portals
    • Reporting Agencies/Authorities
    • Databases
    • Other
  • Invoicing
  • Auto-Fax/Email
  • Custom Plug-Ins

What Are You Waiting For?

If you need a system for your lab, why not get a demo and quote? It's simple, and there's no commitment. Just contact LabLynx on our Contact Us page at

The LabLynx LIS for Clinical Laboratories: the simple, reliable and affordable full solution for your clinical lab.

Note about HealthCloudPOL

NOTE: HealthCloudPOL is a subset of the LabLynx Clinical LIS, and may not have all of the features mentioned here.