Implementation Checklist

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Implementation Checklist

Implementations of your LabLynx LIMS/LIS Solution will of course differ between editions and lab types in setup and training, or any of the many optional features and services. However, all accounts receive the implementation described here. Here is the checklist of items that are included in a completed implementation, once documents and initial fees are received:

Set Up Help Desk Account

Every LabLynx customer gets a LabLynx Help Desk account. The tasks involved in setting up the Help Desk account are performed by a LabLynx support team member. These include:

  1. Create Account. A (typically 3-letter) account code is assigned and the account is added as a project in the Help Desk.
  2. Load Agreements. The BAA (if clinical) and SA (in all cases) are uploaded to the account in the Help Desk for reference. They are joined by a copy of the Welcome Letter (email) when that is issued.
  3. Load SA Tasks. All of the items in the Sales Agreement scope are loaded into the Help Desk project, exactly as described in the SA. This ensures scope is strictly adhered to.
  4. Set Up Users. Finally, any customer staff who will be using the Help Desk to submit/monitor/approve/close tickets are added to the project, and automatically notified. Usernames and passwords will be verified in the Welcome Letter.

App Provisioning

Your application itself is spun up on the LabLynx, Inc. cloud server network. Tasks accomplished in this provisioning include:

  1. Select Timezone Server. LabLynx ensures customer apps are set to their time zone by provisioning them on the correct Timezone Server in the LabLynx Cloud Infrastructure.
  2. Assign Client Code. This is the same code assigned to the Help Desk project. It is used in the URL site address for the LIMS/LIS.
  3. Install App. The application is installed based on the master COTS reference version.
  4. Set Up DNS 'A Record' URL. The site will be set up with a DNS URL so that users have an easy-to-remember site address.
  5. Set Up Siteuptime Monitor. - The LabLynx Cloud Infrastructure employs SiteUptime site monitoring service, and new customer sites are added to the set of monitored sites.
  6. Set Up Admin User Account. - Your LabLynx representative will also set up an initial user login username and password so that customer access to the LIMS/LIS solution is enabled, ready for use or Setup & Training.

Issue Welcome Letter

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The only thing remaining for completion of standard implementation is to send a welcome email to the new LabLynx® customer. This letter will include:

  1. App with Login Information. The site URL and initial Admin User username and password.
  2. Help Desk with Login Information (Standard Edition subscribers). The LabLynx Help Desk URL and usernames and passwords for all requested users.
  3. Documentation. The Welcome Letter email includes links to all of the LabLynx Support Resources, including the manual.