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LabVia IOT Hub

Your CannaQA solution from LabLynx includes the ability to link anything to anything else that supports linking. That means CannaQA can integrate with lab instruments, software, databases, reporting systems, agencies, or anything else that supports connection of any kind in the ways you need.

Our LabVia Pi interfacing module is a combination of product and service. Behind the product is a petite Raspberry Pi box with ports for various inputs, loaded with software able to communicate via a cloud service, making it an internet of things (IOT) hub. Any types of interfacing are supported, including web services, financial services, track-and-trace services, and other apps, using technologies such as Bluetooth, TCP, API, HL7, etc. And with the addition of a Lantronix xDirect adapter, LabVia Pi also accepts and manages serial port (RS232) signals.

LabVia Pi manages up to 10 integrations in a single box. Additional boxes are available at discounted rates. Your CannaQA representative will provide estimates of hourly services required for your interfacing needs, along with LabVia pricing. See the Unit Price List for more on our competitive, transparent pricing.