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Our specific solutions for each type of laboratory are built on the flagship LIMS/LIS product of LabLynx, Inc.. It is the current, most advanced version of the world's first web browser-based LIMS, first introduced in 1997 at Pittcon, today provided as a solution package for all types of labs, through our unique® platform. Today's LabLynx LIMS and LIS solutions provide reliable, powerful sample/specimen tracking, along with results entry, instrument and inventory management, training and certification tracking and more. It remains the most user-configurable, comprehensive off-the-shelf LIMS/LIS available, more popular than ever as labs seek to unburden themselves from costly and complex IT infrastructures in favor of cloud-based computing. You also have the option to host your solution on your own site, so the choice is yours! And today's LabLynx LIMS and LIS solutions offer even more value as they include more functionality than ever before.

Your LabLynx system is feature-rich while offering simple, easy-to-navigate experience for the user. It includes the functionality to serve as any flavor of information management system for the laboratory, whether LIMS, LIS or LES, with each solution package designed specifically for each type of lab.

Features and Functions

Each® LabLynx solution includes features and functions specifically designed for the type of lab it serves. In addition, you can also make adjustments to screens, reports and functions, add new tests and more, without having any special development training or skills.

General Features and functions include:

  • Sample/specimen-based, project-based, case-based or order-based receiving/accession
  • Assignable sets of characteristics, including tests with custom limits/ranges or specifications, pricing and more
  • Configurable screens/forms, fields, picklists and more
  • Configurable, role-based security
  • Add, modify parameters, tests, panels
  • Automatic versioning of tests and documents
  • Upload and associate files with tests, samples, projects/orders, instruments, inventory items and more
  • Configurable process steps and their sequences, required workflows
  • Calculations/formulas
  • Chain of Custody
  • Control Charting
  • Auto-scheduled events, sample generation
  • Training & Certification Management
  • Instrument Maintenance & Calibration Management
  • User & Profile Management
  • Inventory Management
    Lab workers - LabCareers.png
  • Client Portal for submitting test requests and/or viewing reports
  • Storage tracking
  • Included Report Builder
  • Integrate with instruments, applications, databases
  • Manual/auto alerts, email notifications
  • QA/QC
  • Pan-industry regulatory compliance (21 CFR part 11, ISO 17025, ASCLD, CAP, HIPAA, CLIA, GLP/GALP and more)
  • Audit Trail
  • Barcoding
  • Tablet/mobile-friendly
  • application suite included
  • Editions for every type of lab, with even more functions and features

Technical Overview

One Example of an Order Request Screen

Your LabLynx solution is a secure cloud-hosted application. It is accessed over the Internet and can be used by many individuals simultaneously, either within a site or from anywhere in the world. Access is controlled according to privileges associated with a login ID and password, with encryption ensuring data are protected to ensure compliance with HIPAA, CLIA, ASCLD, FDA, 21 CFR part 11 and other standards relating to data security.

The LIMS/LIS follows the web browser model in that the application processing occurs primarily on the application and database server(s), and the user’s computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device (client) really just provides a window through which the user can view or edit information and operate the system using a standard browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer is completely supported, along with Chrome, Safari and Firefox (depending on version, settings etc.).

Since the work is really done on the server, minimal bandwidth is required. This provides significant advantages over both traditional client-server applications and distributed applications. Even a cell phone "hot spot" card is sufficient to work from. Also, most laboratory personnel today have a good deal of exposure to the Internet and the use of a web browser application, so it is familiar and user-friendly.

Its user-friendliness and flexibility are by design. This is expressed in the Laboratory Informatics Institute's LIMSpec LIMS and LIS user requirements specification POL P1.1 Easy registration/accession, and in some of the other standards to which it relates.

Since the LabLynx LIMS is a cloud-hosted app, it doesn't matter to the user what database it uses (SQL Server) or the server environment, unless you choose to self-host. LabLynx, Inc. guarantees 100% uptime to its cloud-hosted customers, and boasts the finest global cloud infrastructure in the laboratory informatics industry, fully SSAE SOC Type 2 and TIA-942 compliant (see SaaS and Cloud Hosting). LabLynx has employed the finest design and technology, as a long-time leader in web-based informatics, so that you can simply use your LIMS/LIS without having to worry about technical implementation and server/database infrastructure and maintenance. That leaves you free to focus on what you do best.

Industry Solutions

No matter what kind of lab you have, from water/wastewater to manufacturing, clinical, nextgen sequencing and everything in between, there is a LabLynx LIMS or LIS solution for you. And our staff, most of them lab people like you, have the experience and skills that span the entire gamut, so we understand your needs and speak your language.

Here are some of the industries we serve:

...and most importantly - YOUR Lab.

About Tox Labs

Enviro Tox.jpg
Toxicology laboratories being a category made up of various distinct sub-types that may share some commonalities, but also differ in some important aspects regarding sample types, kinds of testing, processes, reporting and other characteristics, require a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) or LIS (Laboratory Information System) to address both the similarities and nuances if it is to be considered an effective data management solution. LabLynx, Inc. understands the unique sets of requirements and preferences each type of tox lab brings, and has designed its LabLynx Toxicology LIMS Solution with inclusive capabilities, offered as a complete, customized® solution for your tox lab.

Some of the specific solutions offered by LabLynx through® include variations in the following areas:

  • Clinical toxicology
  • Forensic toxicology
  • Chemical toxicology
  • Aquatic toxicology
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Industrial toxicology
  • Environmental toxicology
  • Biochemical and molecular toxicology
  • Product development toxicology
  • Regulatory toxicology
  • Toxicogenomics

You may be a pain/tox lab as part of a clinic/facility or standalone, or part of a Medical Examiner's Office or police force, or something else, and you may be doing any kind of tox from environmental to forensic to aquatic. But wherever you fit in the tox universe, you need to deliver accurate and timely results that can be accessed when they are needed.

In many cases you may run mostly the same sets of tests regularly. But you need those tests to be set up in a system that doesn't get in the way, that is streamlined to help you run and document them simply and accurately, that helps you by presenting the results the moment they are ready, with the right flags and NDs, etc. It needs to be able to connect with the instruments you use, both communicating sample information to them and receiving results values, then interpreting and presenting them according to appropriate DLs, ranges and nomenclature (i.e. "ND", "Not Present", "Present", "Within acceptable or expected limits" etc.) on the report.

And if you do need to create new tests, with custom ranges or specifications and alerts/notifications of out-of-range results - your LabLynx® solution includes the ability to do that as well: quickly, easily and without developers. In fact, there are numerous ways you can modify your own system any time you like, so it remains perfectly suited to your needs even as they change over time.

The LabLynx LIMS for Toxicology

The LabLynx LIMS Solution for the Toxicology Lab is used in top forensic laboratories as a complete case management solution, including all aspects from investigator to ME, pathology, agency management, evidence, histology, radiography, photography, etc., and its toxicology module integrates with the other features. We're also used by aquatic and environmental tox labs, pain management, drug treatment, soil, feed and seed testing and other labs - including cutting edge research-based nutritional toxicity related to chronic illnesses such as autism, AD(H)D, fibromyalgia, and gastrointestinal and neuropsychiatric disorders. So you'll be using the very best in toxicology solutions available.

Users have role-based secure access to only their areas of any given case or orders, including delivery and pickup, with full COC tracking. Barcoded labels, auto-filled fields and automatically-generated unique specimen IDs all help minimize transcription errors and maintain peak accuracy, along with ready interfacing your instruments directly with the LIMS or LIS. Achieve the best accuracy and speed possible, meeting all CLIA HITECH, CAP and other applicable standards and more.

Your LabLynx solution comes with an included Report Builder, as well as a standard selection of reports, with the ability to customize them to show results the way you need them to be presented. You also get Inventory Management, Corrective Action, Instrument Management, the ability to upload files of any kind and associate them with a case, order or patient/subject, and much more. And its extensive user-configurability means it is easily modified and extended to meet growing demands for decades - without the need for costly additional development.

Features That Meet Your Needs

Your LabLynx Toxicology LIMS solution includes an extensive range of features and functions to give you everything you need, no matter the testing requirements. Automatically assign tests based on specimen type or any other criterion - complete with specific ranges and flags for high/low, ND, QL and other values included in your report automatically. Add as many notes as you want - use pre-set notes whenever appropriate, quickly and easily.

Your solution will include all of the LabLynx LIMS functions and features plus specifically selected additional apps from our® suite, and we'll help you fine tailor it to suit your unique preferences (it's very user-configurable). Some of the many features and functions include:

  • Online Orders, Reports and Status - Whether we host it for you in our cloud or you host it yourself, you can use the web portal to securely accept orders, provide reports and display status
  • Case Management - Capture all the data you need for every case, and track and report by single sample, fractions/aliquots and/or multiple samples for each
  • Patient/Subject Management - Whether you track by case or by individuals, webLIMS supports your processes
  • Automatic Test Assign - Let webLIMS auto-assign tests or panels for you based on sample types. Change your choices at the click of a mouse
  • Barcoding - Auto-generate barcoded labels and scan to instantly track and recall cases/patients and their samples, any results and all associated data
  • COC - Receive and track using barcoded Chain of Custody
  • Contact Management - Manage all agencies, facilities, suppliers etc.
  • Instrument Management - Keep track of maintenance and calibration schedules and history
  • Inventory Management - Easily track stocks, standards, reagents, etc. levels, usage and whereabouts
  • Interfacing - Your system will interface with anything you want - instruments, billing services, 3rd-party apps, agencies, whatever you need
  • Report Builder - Build your own reports any time you want (standard reports and barcoded labels included in setup)
  • Scalability - add functionality, add volume. No limits.
  • CRM, BI, CMS, PM and much more - The® suite of apps is included in your solution, offering complete data management for your lab and office, department or organization

Compliant with Standards and Regulations That Are Important to You

Let your solution help you stay compliant with all the regs and standards so clients know your services are the very best quality they can get. Your LabLynx solution for Toxicology supports these and more:

  • CLIA
  • CAP
  • 21 CFR part 11
  • 40 CFR 3
  • National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry (NACB)
  • ACB (Association of Clinical Biochemists)
  • GCLP (Good Clinical Laboratory Practices)
  • Society of Forensic Toxicologists (SOFT)
  • Society of Toxicological and Forensic Chemistry (GTFCh)
  • TIAFT (The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists)
  • American Board of Forensic Toxicology, Inc. (ABFT)
  • Toxicology section of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS)
  • ISOs
  • Others (state, local, etc.)