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The free benefits and resources provided by® membership (also free) seem to have no end. And one of the most useful is the job placement resource that is specifically targeted to laboratory, informatics, medical and scientific professionals:

Most, if not all, of us have experienced the shortfalls of standard recruitment and placement companies when it comes to matching qualifications with job requirements - chiefly because ours is a pretty technical industry. Outsiders cannot be expected to know much about it. And of course that inefficiency and inaccuracy complicates and slows down the entire process, causing frustration and annoyance on both sides of the equation, job seekers and employers alike.

Well, no longer. Now you have a choice. has been created by LabLynx and® industry professionals FOR industry professionals. It's just another of the many ways the® Community Platform feeds and benefits its own. And you can do your own searches using the criteria you want - quickly and easily - to find the exact opportunities for you. Respond directly and take charge of your own career.

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And employers: now you can save costly time and money investment in new talent. Simply post your openings here and reach your target resource pool immediately. No more sifting through dozens of unqualified candidates. View their profiles in the community, review their resume/cv and invite the ones who look like a fit to interview. Fast, efficient and effective.

LabLynx is dedicated to the advancement of the LIMS (that is, laboratory, informatics, medical and scientific) community, providing countless resources and benefits through its® community. It's all designed to advance the industry through free flow of information/publications, discussions, a free marketplace of goods and services, free software applications, career, bid and partnering opportunities, training courses and more. And is perfectly suited to meet your career goals or find the qualified staff you need to reach the standards of quality you seek.

So if you'd like to get your career on the right track, or find qualified professionals to meet your needs, go to® or go to and join for free with your LinkedIn ID/login. Join the thousands of industry professionals already enjoying the benefits of their free membership in the® community.