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The Ideal LIMS Solution for the commercial or municipal/government Environmental, Water and/or Wastewater Lab is a function of the right company, the right technology and the right features and functions for your needs. All supported by first class training, implementation and maintenance and support services. LabLynx is the ideal solution for your lab or enterprise, no matter how large or small, or how you choose to manage your own unique workflows, individual processes and data.

LabLynx understands the unique needs of Environmental, Water and Wastewater laboratories and we provide configurations that not only fit those unique needs but we tailor those to work specifically for your lab. View the product demonstrations below to learn more about how our LabLynx LIMS solution can work for your lab.

Below is a selection of demonstrations and presentations available for you to view. Be sure to view these demonstrations with a device that has audio speakers.

See the Ideal LIMS in action!

We offer you absolutely every opportunity to see and get a feel for your solution before you buy, with a guided interactive tour by one of our implementation team project managers or SMEs (subject matter experts). You can experience the full list of features, functions and capabilities of the system immediately to help you become better informed about the application of LabLynx solutions to your particular needs. Just contact us using the form displayed, or:

Telephone: 770.859.1992 or toll free 800.585.5969 Email:

The Ideal Technology

For your LIMS to be effective and offer both horizontal and vertical scalability now and as you grow and change, your solution must be constructed using the right technology. A rigid, inflexible product may seem tailored to your needs, but is it offered in a selection of packages so you can get only what you want and not pay for extra features that have no value for you? And is it designed so that you can introduce functionality in stages according to your own time frame and budget? It should also be user-configurable and easily customizable so you aren’t joined at the hip to the vendor because of proprietary code.

These attributes all boil down to one very important concept: flexibility. Flexibility is the key to both general usability and continued effectiveness over time. The flexibility that allows you to tailor the system to your lab rather than modify your workflow and processes to fit an inflexible LIMS also means longevity as you add functionality or increase capacity as your enterprise grows and changes over time.