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LabLynx, Inc.
Type Incorporated
Industry Laboratory informatics
Founded July 24, 2000
Founder(s) John H. Jones
Headquarters 2400 Lake Park Drive
Suite 435
Smyrna, Georgia 30080
, U.S.
Area served Worldwide
Owner(s) Privately owned
Employees 20+

LabLynx, Inc. is a privately owned, funded, and managed American corporation that develops, supports, and markets laboratory information management systems (LIMS), laboratory information systems (LIS), and related solutions.

The company’s primary clients include laboratories in the agriculture, cannabis, clinical, environmental, forensic, healthcare, and manufacturing industries, including government agencies. The company is known for introducing one of the first web browser-based LIMS products in 1997 (ELab) and being a long-term player in the laboratory informatics market.

Mission Statement

The mission of LabLynx is to deliver the best value in laboratory, scientific, and healthcare informatics solutions to our clients.

Value is defined by the ideal relationship between quality, functionality, and service delivered at the best price. This optimum relationship is determined by the marketplace and is not static. As such, LabLynx must continuously innovate and adapt to the marketplace needs while maintaining its mission.

Our company is defined by the "Six Ps", through which we believe we can deliver the best value in our solutions:

Principles: A company's integrity and business practices are a direct function of its principles. These are what drive us.
People: Our people are our company, from our first conversation with you through our long-term support services you rely on to guarantee continued performance. In fact, you—and the entire laboratory, scientific, and healthcare community—are the foundation of LabLynx as well as being potential and existing customers.
Platform: The technology we use is an important aspect of delivering the quality and features you expect.
Products: Our products are where words are validated by performance.
Past Performance: A track record of excellence is a good predictor of the high-quality products and service you will get.
Planned Future: See the exciting directions we are charting as we continue to forge ahead!

The Right Fit - Whether It's Us or Somebody Else

Tailor-fit 800.jpg
Part of that vision is the underlying principle that in an open community, with all information freely available to everyone, buyers will make the choices of products, services, and vendors that fit their particular needs and preferences best. The traditional model is to try and sell as many widgets as possible, no matter what. LabLynx understands that if you aren't happy with your choice, you won't be a source of happiness for the vendor either. As such, what's really best for everyone is receiving the most fitting solution. That means if, in the end, we think somebody else is a better fit for you, we'll tell you.

Value Driven

One of the most fundamental characteristics of the LabLynx philosophy is our commitment to providing genuine value. We know you have choices, and we want you to choose our products and services. We deliver the most and the best for the least, designed and tailored to your specific requirements.

Our state-of-the-art and highly user-configurable software stands out as a value-driven solution, giving decades of maximum value for your money. And our support and continuing services ensure you are always taken care of, because a happy customer is a long-term customer. Rest assured that when you select LabLynx, you choose the greatest value available: top quality and full features at the lowest price.


No matter what kind of products, technology, or service a company boasts, there is no denying that in a real and vital sense its more important asset is people. You need to know the company you are aligned with is comprised of people who are (a) qualified and experienced and (b) people you can communicate and work with. First and foremost, we are committed to interacting with you as real people: professional and courteous, to be sure, but not automatons. All of our personnel, including our support network, are based in the United States and well-trained and experienced with our products.

At LabLynx, typically the first person you talk to is a trained LIMS expert, someone capable of helping you manage the actual implementation, setup, and training required for your LIMS solution, ensuring there is no disconnect between what you are promised and what you end up with. If that individual says something can or will be configured in a particular way, you can be sure it will, and at the price you were quoted. Additionally, your contact will be with you throughout the process and on into your ongoing support and maintenance. Our Help Desk is online and available 24/7, and any urgent or emergency items alert all support personnel, including LabLynx President John Jones. As such, you can count on us responding immediately, whether that means simply assigning the work and scheduling it or rushing to a data center in early hours. We take our responsibility to you seriously because we know that no business can succeed in the long term unless it prioritizes its customers.