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LabLynx for Manufacturing provides the full range of features you need to manage both R&D and QC, from raw material to each stage of manufacture, to final product. And its secure, reliable cloud-hosted design means you don’t need to spend precious resources on IT infrastructure and maintenance.

There are as many kinds of testing as there are manufactured products, from chemistry to soak tests to dropping things from high places. Quality control is important, saving money in returned items, redesign, recalls and even law suits, not to mention the reputation of the companies involved - which directly affects bottom line.

Features That Meet Your Needs


You have standards, specs, and you need to test to the right ones, identify out-of-spec results and trends. Here's how LabLynx can help you:

  • Receiving, Tracking and Reporting by:
    • Project
    • Lot
    • Product
    • Single Sample
    • Client
  • Full QA and QC - automatically by test or product type, ad hoc any time
  • Configurable Workflow - Quickly and easily match a new custom testing process with any product or sample type
  • Multiple Review Steps Available - Analyst, Peer, Supervisor
  • Specs, Limits Assignable by Any Criteria - Product line, sample type, client, country, etc.
  • Quick, Easy Test Creation - Set up new tests or revisions as you need them, quickly and easily
  • Supports multiple locations, departments
  • Control Charting - Whether standard formal report or instant charting of criteria and samples you chose, identify trends any time
  • Out-of-Spec Alerts - Trigger flags and email alerts based on results
  • Scheduling - Set up automatic regular testing in the system to any schedule you need
  • Much More...

Compliant with Standards and Regulations That Are Important to You

Right away it's ISO 17025 (ISO 9001), and yes, LabLynx fully supports compliance with it. But depending on your particular lab, you may need to meet other standards and regulations too. Whatever standards, regs and/or specs you test to, your LabLynx solution will support them, whether US, European or other, and in fact all at the same time, so you can apply the ones appropriate to each client/product.