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Dovetailing with Manufacturing labs, materials testing labs help ensure the quality of a range of material types so that when they are used in manufacturing or for other purposes they meet proper standards, such as ASTM.

Your testing may take a number of forms, and you may do all of them or specialize in a few, including:

* Failure analysis
* Chemical testing
* Mechanical testing
* Metallography
* Reverse Engineering
* Corrosion testing
* Non-destructive testing
* Materials Analysis

Multiple clients in various industries depend on your results, either through their in-house labs or commercial/contract labs. Most of your testing may be fairly routine, but you may also be called upon at short notice to test some new material or present materials in new ways. Your LabLynx solution lets you be as consistent and accurate as you need to be, yet with the flexibility to add new material samples and/or tests in minutes, with the specs they require.

Features That Meet Your Needs

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Your system can't be hard-wired to a specific kind of testing, you need to be able to change up when the situation and client needs dictate. LabLynx solutions are highly user-configurable, so you can adapt to any kind of testing you need - quickly and easily. Here are some of the ways LabLynx supports your dynamic requirements:

  • Receive, analyze and report by sample group/project/lot or single sample
  • Define your own tests with your own parameters/analytes, each with its own limits/ranges or specs. Make new tests or revisions in minutes
  • Assign sets of tests and custom limits by client, project, sample type of any other criteria, quickly and in bulk
  • Set your own drop-down picklist choices - and change them any time you want - in seconds!
  • Hide/display/rename any fields to suit YOUR needs. And you decide which to make mandatory
  • Create and assign workflows with any number and types of process steps
  • Assign user access levels
  • Report Builder included
  • Development tool included
  • Quick and powerful data search with dynamic, multiple criteria. Then export to Excel etc.
  • Interface with any other systems, databases and instruments/devices, including ICP, ECS, FTIR, GDS, etc.
  • ERP, CRM, CMS, BI and more

Compliant with Standards and Regulations That Are Important to You

Whatever standards or regulations that apply to the kinds of materials you are testing, rest assured your LabLynx solution supports them, whether ISO, ASTM, EPA or anything else. Everything is documented, everything is retrievable whenever you need it. Accuracy is assured, while automation where possible helps guarantee fast turnaround. Incorporate the specs your clients require to meet individual needs and deliver first-class service.