Mining, Minerals & Oil Exploration

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Various types of extractive metallurgy, mineral and oil/gas processes, quality testing and more provide integral, valuable service to the mining, minerals and oil industries.

From preparation, cutting, crushing/splitting etc., compositing, size analysis, etc. to water and sediment analysis, drainage prediction tests, impact studies, QC testing and more, these industry lab processes must be supported in your system reliably, accurately in with timely turnaround. Certifications, trends and other types of reports must be able to be produced. LabLynx solutions provide all of these features and much more.

Features That Meet Your Needs

Your LabLynx solution is designed for functionality, reliability and flexibility, to give you the best performance, longest lifetime of service and best overall ROI in data management needs.

Your processing and analysis data management needs are thoroughly met through your LabLynx solution's abundant features and functions, along with its great degree of flexibility and configurability. These include:

  • Receiving, Tracking and Reporting by:
    • Project
    • Lot
    • Product
    • Single Sample
    • Client
  • Full QA and QC - automatically by test or product type, ad hoc any time
  • Spec Management - Test to any specs, by client, substance, country, intended use, etc.
  • Configurable Workflow - Design your process steps to match your particular needs for each type of sample
  • Supports multiple departments, sites - Have a separate location for each type of product or for each lab
  • Access any time, from anywhere through tablet, laptop etc.
  • Supports field data entry
  • Track site information
  • Generate COAs, Controls Charts and more (Report Builder included)

Compliant with Standards and Regulations That Are Important to You

Today's mining and resource extraction industries are called to be responsible for sustainability, with EPA and other regulations in force. Some standards and regs supported by LabLynx for these industry labs include:

  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO 17025 (9001)
  • US EPA Methods
  • Client/Country Standards