Molecular Diagnostics (MolDx)

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The newest and most exciting area of diagnostics is growing rapidly and becoming a firm cornerstone of modern diagnostic testing. Currently, we see molecular diagnostics labs involved in a small number of general areas of application, including:

MolDx Insert.png

No doubt the areas of applications will steadily increase as additional uses for diagnostics at the DNA and RNA level become apparent. To meet the challenges of a relatively young and growing clinical sector like MolDx, it's important that your lab have the right LIMS/LIS solution - one that is powerful, robust and dependable, yet versatile and flexible enough to handle advancements and changes in techniques, devices/instruments and more.


The primary component of the LabLynx LIMS Solution for the Molecular Diagnostics Lab is webLIMS itself. The webLIMS clinical LIS is optimized for quick functions and ease of use, so results are turned around as soon as they are ready. Speed is of the essence, yes, but so is accuracy. Barcoded labels, auto-filled fields and automatically-generated unique specimen IDs all help minimize transcription errors and maintain peak accuracy. And you can achieve the best accuracy and speed possible, meeting all CLIA HITECH standards and more by interfacing your instruments directly with webLIMS.

With LabLynx’s cloud-hosted solutions, you get all of this and more. And there’s no additional charge for as many client logins as you need so they can enter test requests and/or access their reports using the webLIMS online portal.

And as a commercial contract laboratory, adaptability can be key. Whether you are dedicated to a regular single client or small set of clients or cater to a wider range, the ability to meet the testing needs that are sent your way quickly and reliably can build a good reputation that means more business. LabLynx supports you whatever tests you do, and its great configurability means you can add and update tests and processes whenever you want to - without costly development.

Features That Meet Your Needs

No matter what particular workflow(s) you use, your LabLynx LIMS solution includes an ERP level of features and functions to give you everything you need. Need to add a new assay and get results today? Generate it in minutes in your LIMS, whether qualitative or quantitative and with the correct steps, in order, with results included in your report automatically. Maybe you're a genetic disease screening lab thinking of moving into infectious disease testing. Make the move in a day with no outside help, developers or other costs.

Your solution will include all of the webLIMS LIS features plus the® suite of apps, and we'll help you tweak it to suit your unique preferences (it's very user-configurable). Some of the many features and functions include:

  • Configurable Specimen Accessioning - Capture all the data you need - and only what you need - and track and report by single specimen, fractions/aliquots and/or multiple specimens for a single patient
  • Physician Portal - Clients can securely submit and access test requests, statuses and results reports
  • Specimen Copy - Set up and receive any number of similar specimens, mass-assign assays/panels and make any changes quickly and easily
  • Barcoding - Auto-generate barcoded labels and scan to instantly recall patient/specimen data
  • COC - Receive and track using barcoded Chain of Custody
  • Instrument Management - Keep track of maintenance and calibration schedules and history
  • Interfacing - Your system will interface with anything you want - EHR/EMR, instruments, billing services, 3rd-party apps, agencies, ERP, whatever you need
  • Invoicing - Generate invoices quickly and easily. Add discounts, surcharges or other adjustments in seconds. Vary rates by assay/panel, customer or other criteria
  • Report Builder - Build your own reports any time you want (standard patient report and/or drug report included in setup)
  • Scalability - add functionality, add volume. No limits.
  • CRM, BI, CMS, PM and much more - The® suite of apps is included in your solution, offering complete data management for your lab and business generally

Compliant with Standards and Regulations That Are Important to You

Your LabLynx LIMS solution will help you stay compliant with all regs and standards so your patients or clients know your diagnostic services are the very best quality they can get. Your LabLynx solution for Molecular Diagnostics supports these and more:

  • CLIA
  • CAP
  • FDA