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The mission of LabLynx is to deliver the best value in laboratory, scientific and healthcare informatics solutions to our clients.

Value is defined by the ideal relationship between quality, functionality and service delivered at the best price. This optimum relationship is determined by the marketplace and is not static. As such, LabLynx must continuously innovate and adapt to the marketplace needs while maintaining its mission.

Our company is defined by the "Six Ps", through which we believe we can deliver the best value in our solutions:

Principles: A company's integrity and business practices are a direct function of its principles. These are what drive us.
People: Our people ARE our company, from our first conversation with you through our long-term support services you rely on to guarantee continued performance. In fact, you — and the entire laboratory, scientific and healthcare community — are the foundation of LabLynx as well as being potential and existing customers. The sciCloud.net® community contributes to everything we do, as it benefits from a vast range of free resources.
Platform: The technology we use is an important aspect of delivering the quality and features you expect.
Products: Our products are where words are validated by performance.
Past Performance: A track record of excellence is a good predictor of the high-quality products and service you will get.
Planned Future: See the exciting directions we are charting as we continue to forge ahead!

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