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The Order Page is the central spot in HealthCloudPOL for all orders, and its unique ID is referenced by all related pages (e.g. all specimens in that order). Further, each related item is linked by clickable hyperlinks, so that users can quickly and easily view all information related to an order, including that specified in CLSI, CLIA and elsewhere. All PHI (Protected Health Information) is securely stored in accordance with HIPAA.

The required information is included as follows:

 Name or other alpha ID – Order page, Patient Mgt, Specimen label, report

 unique specimen ID or MRN – Patient Mgt, linked to order, both on specimen label, report (these are linked to Order)

 DOB or age – Patient Mgt, Specimen label, report (these are linked to order)

 Gender – Patient page, report

 date/time of order – Order page (linked to specimen page)

 date/time of collection and collection location (these may be on individual specimens instead if the order includes more than one specimen) – Specimen page (linked to order page), collection date/time is also on report

 date/time of login/accession – Order page

 date/time of receipt – Order page, report

 assays/panels ordered – Order page, specimen pages, labels, report

 financial # (if applicable) – Patient page

 ordering physician* - Order, report

 insurance information – Patient page, order detail section

 ICD-9/10 code or diagnosis - Order

 cross-reference between ICD-9/10 code and CPT (if applicable) N/A

 comments/notes – Order page, specimen page (these appear on report by default),

 specimen source – collected by is on specimen page, submitter plus notes on order page

 SSN – Patient page

 Address – Patient page

 user entering the data – all pages

Order Page

Order Detail screen.png

Patient Page

Patient Management 2.png

Specimen Label

Specimen Label.png

Patient Report