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Managing specifications and identifying out-of-limits results are crucial in both R&D and QC, and webLIMS provides the perfect professional, state-of-the-art solution so you can meet all standards and regulations simply and affordably.

Additionally, you may require a system to manage your stability studies and other projects. LabLynx solutions provide all of these capabilities and much more, including a secure web portal so you can share status and reports with clients quickly and easily, while retaining 100% data protection and security.

Features That Meet Your Needs

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From workspace cleaning to ingredient storage and management, from QC to reporting and disposal, every data point in your lab is supported in your LabLynx solution.

Testing and process workflows supported include:

  • R&D - Whether micro, chem, materials or custom testing, your system lets you set up your tests, with custom specs and/or standard methods
  • QC - Your test processes can include QC automatically, but also allow ad hoc QC samples when you need them
  • Review processes - Mandate as many peer or supervisory review steps as you need
  • Inventory - Manage samples, stocks, standards and reagents, along with their recipes/ingredients, expiration dates and more, upload MSDSs & other files/documents.
  • Alerts/emails - Notify specific persons when an event is approaching, including inventory reorder, expirations, stability study checks, out-of-limit results and more
  • Object Tracking - Check-in, check-out, transfer and disposal of all materials so you always know where they are, who has them and their history
  • Integration - With instruments, or other systems like your ERP, MOM, PLM, SCADA or an SPC app
  • Training and Certification Tracking - Stay abreast of staff training and certifications/qualifications and get notifications when they are due for more sessions/classes
  • Barcodes - Manage all your samples/lots and inventory accurately with built-in barcode support
  • Specification Management - Assign specs and limits based on client, intended use, country or any other criteria
  • Much more...!

Compliant with Standards and Regulations That Are Important to You

Manufacturing is manufacturing, is manufacturing, right? Well, in some senses, yes. But higher standards apply to substances we ingest or apply to our bodies or the FDA probably wouldn't exist. So your product testing has to meet those standards and FDA and other regulations and methods, plus client, product and country requirements every time.

Some supported standards and regulations include:

  • KPI, Metrics (FDA reports, API metrics, product specs, etc.)
  • FDA - CAPA, LCS, PAckaging & Labeling, maintenance mgt, documentation, qualification, etc.
  • Best Practices
  • EMA (Europe)