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The LabLynx vision is one of increased open access and cooperation, resources and interaction, as we grow together in mutually beneficial ways with the entire laboratory, scientific and healthcare community. The foundation has been laid with the establishment of the Laboratory Informatics Institute in 2006, and the recent additions of the LabLynx Community Network and®, advancing the causes of laboratories, healthcare industry and science generally, and especially the professionals who make up our vast community. Through these institutions we provide countless free resources, free and open access to information, and the overriding sense of belonging to a larger fellowship with similar interests, goals and concerns.

Our vision is of a level, objective marketplace wherein consumers can find all the information they need about products and services, discuss with others their experiences and opinions, and make fully-informed, logical decisions about what and whom they choose to do business with. We believe that in such an environment, LabLynx products and services will justifiably receive their fair share of business. And, in fact, so will other businesses who offer genuine quality and value at sensible prices, and treat their customers with consideration and respect. Additionally, the laboratories, practices and other professional entities in the community will have all of the tools, resources, information and support they could ever need, all for free or at authentically-valued pricing. It's a win-win for all concerned.

As® expands its application offerings, support resources for those apps will grow, including add-ons and plug-ins. Industry career management will get better, with better-targeted postings and more accurate searching enabled through integrated free job posting/search. Compliance and levels of competency will increase, through such resources as, and information sharing through will provide a means to speed up research progress and overall advancement. Efficiency and effectiveness of laboratories and projects will increase as a consequence.

And through it all, the LabLynx LIMS Solutions as well as the® suites and editions, will continue to strive to more effectively meet the needs — and provide additional features — that will make laboratories and other entities in the community the best they can be now, with the means to grow and achieve their fullest potentials for the future.

The Future is Now: Multi-tiered, Open Informatics Platform

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The technology and architecture behind® is a multi-layered pyramid that literally begins and ends with you, the community. Your individual and collective needs and preferences drive the system and are met by that same system. And your participation increases benefits for both others in the community and yourself.

To find out more about the® Informatics Platform, see The LabLynx® Informatics Platform.