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One of the three paid subscription suites, this is designed primarily for research, and includes all of the features of® Community, plus a LIMS sample management app, ELN, clinical trials app and various selected additional apps according to your specific research needs. And there are always almost unlimited numbers of additional apps available, as well as plugins and add-ons for each, from integration to visualization, trending/control charting, compliance, collaboration and more. It also includes annual support hours, along with community support, with additional support available.

No matter what scientific discipline or type of research you do, your® Research Suite is designed to provide you with all the tools you need for each project as it comes along, or multiple simultaneous projects, either as collaborations or closed proprietary studies.

  • Basic research
  • Pure science
  • Drug discovery
  • Clinical trials and CRO
  • Pharma, nutraceuticals, cosmetics...

...whatever your area and type of research is, the Research suite allows you to create workflows dynamically, manage data and observations, identify trends, outliers, etc. etc. so you can do quality science.

Contact us to learn more, get a demo, etc. at the Contact Us page.