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Cloud Tools.PNG®'s Developer Cloud provides you with a free development toolkit to help you create plugins, add-ons and apps themselves for sale or distribution in the® Community. And is the foremost® free community for developers. You can work singly or collaboratively, and use other community members as requirements generators, iteration/beta testers, QC, and more, as well as end users, and provides a discussion forum for information sharing, events, team building and more, plus all the latest news and publications related to your work and interests, especially® and LabLynx products.
Informatics Pyramid PaaS2.png
And is more than a place to share information. You can create and manage projects, including inviting collaborators, seek and post jobs and opportunities, take courses, gain certifications and more. Join other professionals and leverage the power of community for efficient, successful development and advancement of new apps and functions. You can learn more about the power of community-based development in the free online book, Disruptive Innovations in Laboratory, Scientific and Healthcare Informatics. is an integral layer of the overall® Informatics Platform, as shown in the pyramid illustration. It provides the means to customize/develop the app layer, and thus the ultimate solution package, or in fact create new apps, plugins or add-ons that can be offered free or as premium items. Again, it's a case of the community contributing to itself, where both producers and consumers benefit in a win-win scenario.