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LabLynx's® free community for laboratory, scientific, healthcare and informatics professionals includes a free account that includes free apps by default, with the ability to add thousands more apps and plugins. The default free ELN is SciNote, which is also provided with all LabLynx LIMS solutions that need ELN functionality.
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SciNote is a cloud-based Electronic Laboratory Notebook that's flexible enough for you to create and manage any kind of project, with custom processes and dynamic reporting, perfect for secure collaborative studies.

Collaborative Science

The ability to share projects and have team members access them from anywhere and at any time is one of the great features of the cloud-based sciNote ELN. It's hosted on the state-of-the-art® LabLynx Cloud Infrastructure so it's ultra-secure with full data protection so you NEVER lose your data. And it's simple to use from anywhere in the world, making it feasible to use the best talent available no matter where they are located, in ways that suit their own time zones and schedules.


SciNote contains everything you need for research, stability studies and more - all in a free, secure cloud-hosted, open source app. Features include:

  • Collaborative - Choose your project members and their roles. Securely log in and work from anywhere in the world, any time.
  • Organized - Manage any number of projects and keep track from a single dashboard
  • Flexible Workflows - Create your own process steps and link them in the order you want. For each step you can:
    • Manage users
    • Write comments
    • Set due dates
    • Add tags
    • Check the latest notifications and activity of users on the task
  • Create and manage protocol steps within each step
  • Create Experiments and move, clone and edit workflows between them. Have multiple experiments in any project
  • Add checklists, mark each step as they are completed
  • Upload results or other files
  • Create and edit tables
  • Enter any observations, notes, etc.
  • Generate flexible, dynamic reports
  • Export reports
  • Powerful Search Engine - search amongst all your projects, even down to task level and attached files!
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets etc.

Accessing sciNote

1. Accessing sciNote is done through your free® account. There are a few different ways to get to it. Go to either or, and use the Apps menu item to access®

SciCloud App Access 1.png

2. Clicking on either or App Marketplace displays the list of apps available. SciNote is a default application with your free® account, so you can click on Apps Available Now at the top of the list on the right-hand side, or just scroll down through the apps (they are in alphabetical order) and click on it.

SciCloud App Access 2.png

NOTE - You can also use the topics on the right-hand side to filter for this or any other apps you want to access.

SciCloud App Access 3.png

3. Clicking on sciNote will display its access page. You need a login in order to access your® account anyway, and to access this or any of the other apps. If you haven't done so already, make sure you sign in using the "Sign in with LinkedIn' button. Then you can click the "Access sciNote" button to open the app.

SciCloud App Access 4.png

NOTE: Once you are logged into®, the simplest way to access your sciNote app is to just click on your name at the upper right of the page, and a drop-down menu will appear, listing all of your® apps. Just click on "sciNote".

LIMSforum My Menu SciNote.PNG

To access the discussions in the Support Forum for sciNote, you must reach the app via® as described initially above - NOT through clicking on your profile.

That's it! Easy as 1-2-3 you are off and running with your free sciNote ELN.