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A Plan for Any Solution

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LabLynx, Inc. provides a selection of service plan options, whether your system and/or applications suite is SaaS cloud-hosted by us or maintained on your own servers, so you can rest assured you're well taken care of. All LabLynx subscription editions include the service plan as part of the subscription. Purchased perpetual-license Enterprise Edition LabLynx customers can pay an additional separate fee for their annual service plan.

What's In a Service Plan?

There are three areas covered by your LabLynx Service Plan:

  • Maintenance
  • Support
  • Warranty


Maintenance is the business of keeping your system up and running, including all updates/fixes and upgrades within major versions, and in the case of LabLynx-hosted accounts, all of the IT that goes along with that. LabLynx hosts our customers in our own dedicated cloud infrastructure at a state-of-the-art SSAE 16 SOC 2 data center with fully redundant systems, failover and hourly backup, as well as secondary daily backup at a geographically distant data center, offering 99.9% uptime reliability with HIPAA-compliant level of data security and SSL encryption.


Every service plan option comes with a number of support hours. You have questions - especially when you're just getting to know a new system. Your Help Desk account lets you put in a ticket any time you need help, and you can even email or call us to talk to our US-based, highly trained and experienced support staff.


We stand behind all of our work for as long as you are our customer. Any customizations, setup or configurations we do are guaranteed to be right, or we'll work until things perform the way they're supposed to - and there's never any additional charge.