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Specimen information in HealthCloudPOL meets CLSI and ASTM standards, with all required information on the specimen screen itself (tests are shown there also), order page and/or specimen label. All three are linked so that all necessary information is available to authorized users at the click of a link. Additionally, the order page being essentially the central matrix for any testing requests for the lab, its unique ID is referenced by all other related pages, labels, reports, etc. so that all relevant information is linked and easily accessed by authorized users.

Any paper or electronic requisition forms are easily uploaded to the order:

Requisition Form uploaded to Order Page

Order Page with Req form.png

The specimen screen links to the order screen, users simply click on the specimen to view its details:

Specimen frame on the Order

Order Detail Showing Specimens.png

Specimen Screen showing various features

Specimen Screen with pointed out features.png

Returning to the Order screen, plenty of notes can be entered pertaining to the order or specific specimens, and labels can be printed at any time. When an order is initially marked as "Received" by a user, the LIS automatically presents a popup asking if they would like to print labels at that point (usually that is when they are printed).

Order Detail - Print labels.png

Printing Labels at Receipt

Receive - Print Labels.png