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HealthCloudPOL comes pre-configured to provide out-of-the-box functionality to suit most physician office laboratories. However, any lab will need to define the users in the system, load their own logo onto the report and many other things. These administrative configurations and more are all supported in HealthCloudPOL.

Areas where authorized users can do their own configuration include:

  • User Management - Administrators can define any number of users, assign login ID and password and enter other details, including password expiration, access profile (Lab Manager, MTA or Office Staff) and more.
  • Settings - The Settings menu item is the first step in initial setup.
    It defines your location, including address, phone, etc. and, importantly, it is where your lab's logo is uploaded so that it displays on the Order Report along with the other information. It also allows for the Lab Director and CLIA number to be displayed, in compliance with regulations.
  • Test, Panel and Parameter Management - There are over 50 common assays and ~1000 parameters included in your HealthCloud Physician Office LIS by default. But any tests that you want to use may need their parameters and/or ranges adjusted, instrument assigned etc. before being activated and published for use. Additional new tests may be created if necessary. Results may include any alphanumeric values, including symbols (e.g. <, >, etc.), and may also be selectable, with user-defined choices (e.g. present, ND, neg/pos etc.), with multi-select also available. Any tests can be grouped into panels, which can then be assigned to specimens in a single click during registration (or any other time).
  • Picklist Management - "Picklists" are the drop-down lists of choices that display on various screens. Many of these sets of choices are editable by you. Those that you can edit are listed in the Picklist Management menu item.
Picklist Management list screen
  • Specimen Types - This is an Administrative function rather than a standard lab operation. Only users with Lab Manager profile have this on their menu and may access it.

The Specimen Types List screen displays Specimen/Sample Types currently defined in the system and provides a means to define additional Specimen, or Sample, Types. A Specimen Type is also called a Matrix. A useful application of Specimen Types is to filter the tests on the Order Management screen to only display those tests that were assigned the same Sample Type as the specimen in question, which HealthCloudPOL does by default.

If it is important to separate your tests by Specimen Type you can create a test for a particular Sample Type, copy that test and change the Sample Type and possibly the Result Units for use on another matrix.

HealthCloudPOL contains several default Sample Types, which should be sufficient for most labs. If, however, you have need to define additional ones or you wish to delete or inactivate existing ones, this can be done here.

Users can make good use of this field in querying data for specimens. On all of the screens where it is used, the Sample Type is a picklist (drop-down list) where the user selects the desired type.

Specimen Types Menu Item

Sample Types 1.png

  • Parameter Groups - HealthCloudPOL enables you to add and edit Parameter Groups. Parameter Groups are simply multiple analytes (parameters) derived from the Master Parameters List, grouped together for reporting purposes.

HCPOL comes with several standard Parameter Groups that serve as group headers for Patient Report results.

Parameter Groups List Screen

Parameter Groups 1.png