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Test Group Management Overview

This is an Administrative function rather than a standard lab operation. Only users with Lab Manager profile have this on their menu and may access it.

Your LabLynx LIMS solution provides the ability to group Tests, using the Test Group management menu item. Each Test Group is a list of user-defined tests for the same lab location, grouped logically. Test Groups provide a quick and efficient way to assign multiple tests during order creation and receiving.

Test groups are assigned to samples in the Order Management section, by selecting a given Order, and then the sample to which you would like to assign the group. In the Sample Test Assignment frame, click the Add Test Group Add Test Group Button.png button to display the list of defined Test Groups.

Assign Test Group Heavy Metals.PNG

The set of tests in that test group are now assigned to that sample.

Assign Test Group - Done.PNG

Components of Test Group Management include:

  • Test Group Details
  • Group Test Assignments
  • Requisition form (Upload associated files, e.g. test request form, images documenting receipt condition, etc.)

To Add or Edit Test Groups

Creating Test Groups is simple and quick.

To begin, navigate to the Test Group Management menu item in your LabLynx LIMS. The Test Group List screen displays Test Groups information currently defined in the system (if any have already been created).

Test Group Management

Test Group Management List Screen.PNG

From the Test Groups List, select a Group Name or click New New Button POL.png. In either case, the system displays the Test Group Details screen. Authorized users may make changes to existing Test Groups and click Save Save Button POL.png if they are not Published.

NOTE: As with Tests, if Test Groups are Published they may not be edited.

To create a New Test Group, you can also use the Copy Copy Button POL.png function in the Test Group Details screen, making appropriate changes, or, as in the example here, click New New Button POL.png on the Test Group List screen.

New Test Group

Test Panel Mgt 2.png

Complete the fields of the Test Group Details screen. Bold fields are required.

  • Group Name - Choose an appropriate name for this Test Group. It is of course important that each Test Group have a different name.
  • Description - This can be anything that further describes the Test Group, or just the same as the Group Name. It is purely informational.
  • Location - Select your lab Location from the drop-down list.
  • Test Code - This is informational. If there is a test code associated with this Test Group then you can enter it here.
  • Standard Price - Type the pricing information for invoicing purposes.
  • Published - Do not check this yet. Once complete, you can select the checkbox to publish the Test Group.
  • Active - Do not check this yet. Once complete, you can select the checkbox to activate the Test Group.
  • Parameter Group Name - This is a non-required field. There are some pre-defined groups of parameters or analytes. If one is appropriate as a grouping for the results of the tests in this Test Group to display under on the report, you can select it here.

When you are finished, click Save Save Button POL.png. The system displays the Group Tests and Associated Files areas.

Test Group - Create 1.PNG

To Assign Group Tests to Group

From the Group Tests area of the Test Group Management Test Group detail screen, click on the test(s) you wish to assign and click the Add Selected Add Selected Tests Button.png button. Alternatively you can use the Add All Add All Tests Button.png button. The system assigns the tests(s) to the Test Group in the Assigned area.

Test Group Canna - Add 1.png

The test is added and automatically saved.

Test Group Canna - Add 2.png

If you wish to remove tests, simply select and use the Remove Selected Remove Selected Button.png or Remove All Remove All Button.png button.

To Upload Associated Files

Click the Associated Files or Requisition form New New Button POL.png button on the Detail page. The Add/Edit Associated Files dialog displays.

New Requisition Form.png

If the file you wish to associate is already saved in the LIMS then select it from the Registered Documents. Otherwise, use the File Selection icon to locate a file stored somewhere on your computer or on the local area network (LAN).

Send File to Server.png

Once selected, click Send to Server. The file is now associated with the Test Group and listed in the frame.

To Save and Activate a Test Group

When you have finished filling in the information, assigning Group Tests and uploading files, check the Active and Published boxes to make the Test Group display in the Test Groups list on the Order Detail screen. From the Test Group Details screen click Save Save Button POL.png and then Done Done Button.png. The system returns to the Test Group Management Test Group List screen, where the new Test Groups display.

Test Group Management List Screen.PNG