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To really understand who LabLynx, Inc. is as a company, it is essential to know not only our mission and principles, but also how those have shaped our actions and directions in the past and in our plans for the future. Integrity is doing what you say you do. And LabLynx has a track record of doing just that, with its core principles guiding both past accomplishments and our planned future.

Past Performance

To get an idea of what you can expect from a company, take a look at its history. We are proud of our track record of excellence. LabLynx can trace its roots all the way back to 1996 and even before. Remarkably, the vision has always been basically the same: to leverage technology — and in particular the internet — to best provide comprehensive, affordable laboratory data management solutions for every type of lab. We introduced the world's first true web browser-based laboratory information management system (LIMS) and haven't looked back! Read more about our past HERE.

Driving Forces of Change

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A number of things can affect the directions businesses take in any industry, including economic conditions, technology, changing market needs, commoditization, government regulations, political and social climates, etc. There are a number of recent and current trends and developments that are driving change in our industry, and LabLynx, Inc. recognizes their importance. Take a look at some of the ones we identify as significant, and how we are addressing them, in the chapter/article "Driving Forces of Change."


The idea of diversity is crucial to the LabLynx, Inc. philosophy, and in a couple of different ways. First, it is essential to understand the diversity of needs of our customers. We serve all kinds of labs and scientific and/or healthcare organizations. There is a great range of requirements across these verticals, from HIPAA to ISO 17025, microbiology to next-generation sequencing, image-based results to numerical and more. The key to providing the right products and services lies in listening to the community's diverse needs and preferences.

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The second way diversity is integral to our model is through everyone's participation in communities like®, through open discussions, open source apps, plugins and add-ons, consulting services, collaborative projects, publishing research, sharing events and much more. The pooling of our activities and resources strengthens the community as a whole and advances both individual and collective efforts. Technology gets better more quickly, and labs and individuals connect with the best goods and services, people, and supplies for their particular needs — everybody wins. Learn more about diversity as a force for change HERE.
An undeniable consequence of the establishment and growth of the Internet has been the increased level of communication with each other that we have today. Our frame of reference is now global, our interactions immediate, in real time. That means more total information flow, and at much greater pace. How could that NOT affect information management in our industry!

See how the increased social aspect of modern life is a force for change, how LabLynx, Inc. responds and what that means for you in the chapters "Social" and "Results of Change."

For what seems like forever, business has been about closely-guarded, proprietary competition, each company trying to out-maneuver the other. And you the potential customer are the loser, with information hard to come by and little ability to compare like for like, find the solutions that best fit your needs, etc. But now things are changing, with a distinct trend to openness blowing a fresh breeze throughout markets everywhere.

Find out how LabLynx is embracing the new movement and even helping drive it!

The Cloud.png
The cloud! The cloud! If you've been paying attention at all, you have no doubt heard the term being bandied about with a fervor seldom displayed when referring to technical platforms and more likely reserved for the imminent arrival of the latest iPhone. The fuss is for a reason, and LabLynx, Inc. has been at the forefront of this undeniable force for change since way before it was fashionable.

Take a look at this section to learn about what it is, how it's changing things and how LabLynx brings its benefits to bear for the laboratory, scientific and healthcare community.


The management of information is really the business we are all in, whether it's doing research, lab analysis, teaching/training or any other activity, and they ways we do it are always changing. See the latest industry forces in this area, how LabLynx is involved and what it all means for you.

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When you add two major forces together: (1) the internet and (2) modern fast-paced, on-the-move society, it's no surprise that the mobile device market has exploded. What this means for the laboratory, scientific and healthcare community, LabLynx, and you specifically is discussed in this section about this driving force of change.

Planned Future

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The last one of the "Six 'P's" that defines LabLynx, Inc., its planned future, is an important part of understanding who we are and how we are working together with you and the entire laboratory, scientific and healthcare community to improve things for all involved. Based on our mission, principles and the driving forces of change, our planned future is firmly community-based and embraces the best approaches to securing increased benefits at the lowest costs and overall advancement for all members of the community.

Results of Change

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The driving forces of change have prompted business decisions based on the understanding of their importance and the opportunities they present. As always, LabLynx, Inc. is about learning from the past, recognizing current trends and conditions, and employing the lessons and opportunities they provide to guide the company and our industry as a whole in the directions that are most beneficial all round. We are a firm believer that what is best for lab, scientific and healthcare individuals and the community in general is best for us too.

Providing meaningful goods and services makes us valuable and our customers satisfied. And that also means allowing others' goods and services to be chosen where they are better suited. In that way, customers are also satisfied. Trying to force an unsuitable product on someone is just a painful and ultimately failing proposition. Instead, it is important to recognize the best marriage of needs and features, regardless of vendor, for each customer.

The results of those business decisions are meaningful both immediately and as we progress into the future. Learn how change is impacting us all now and as we move forward.

The Next Step

So what does it all mean for us right here and right now? What's next? This section discusses the immediate implications of it all and how you can participate in the positive directions and initiatives we have before us.