Used Oil Analysis

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Keeping tabs on machinery, engines and their many parts to identify failures before they occur - thus saving your clients, whether internal or external, significant risk and expense - that's what you are all about, and that's why it's important to manage your data accurately and in timely fashion.

Features That Meet Your Needs

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Whether internal or external clients, or a combination, it's important to track every submitted sample along with its submitter's details, as well as test to the correct specs, produce complete condition reports and more. Your LabLynx solution for Used Oil Analysis supports every one of your needs fully, so you provide accurate, clear results in the fastest turnaround time possible, with trend analysis your clients need.

Some features and functions LabLynx provides include:

  • Sample Receiving and Tracking by SPID (Sample Point ID) - See all sample information at a glance: Lube, Lube hours, Machine hours, client, etc.
  • Sample Lookup by Lot, Group, Box, Test Name, etc.
  • Configurable Tests - Set up new tests in minutes, with custom client specs
  • Box Management - Track sample statuses, results and more by box
  • Instrument Interfacing - Get results directly from your instruments
  • Data Warehouse - Quickly and easily call up any set of results using any combination of criteria. Export to Excel, etc.
  • Barcoded tracking
  • Incomplete Sample Review
  • Report Builder Tool Included
  • Web Portal - Allow your clients to submit and/or view status and results through a secure online portal

Condition Report

Complex report 1.png

Compliant with Standards and Regulations That Are Important to You

LabLynx supports all applicable standards and regs, helping ensure you offer top quality service to your company and/or clients. These include:

  • ASTM
  • IP
  • Custom Client Specs
  • Best Practices