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All LabLynx, Inc. solutions are tailored to YOUR specific lab data management needs. Comprising the top of the LabLynx Informatics Platform are solutions for every kind of laboratory, and on top of that, WebLIMS is very user-configurable by design, so that you can "have it your way" - without costly additional development.
You're In Charge

Those drop-down picklists you need for various tasks? YOU pick the choices that are listed - and it only takes your supervisor or administrator seconds to update them. Your sample receiving screen, instrument management screen, inventory screen and more are set up with just the fields you want displayed, and you choose what to make mandatory. Set up your tests the way you need them, with the limits/ranges/specifications you want, including calculations and more. Make new versions any time you want.

And what's more, every user can have their own set of access privileges - and if you have more than one department or location, users can have differing access levels for each. And that applies right down to which buttons display. For "read-only" users, hide the Save, New, Delete buttons, etc. so they can't make changes. And supervisors or administrators have all the administrative capabilities they need to manage the system and its users, any time, from anywhere.

Your Budget
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LabLynx offers two edition options, designed to meet YOUR specific business needs and budget. Both are loaded with® apps, along with the world-class LabLynx webLIMS, and include the concurrent-user subscription-based Premium Edition or the concurrent-user purchased perpetual license Enterprise Edition. No matter what kind of lab you are, how big or small or how you prefer to license or host it, there is a plan that's right for you!
Your Industry

No matter what kind of lab you have, from water/wastewater to nextgen sequencing and everything in between, there is a LabLynx solution for you. And our staff, most of them lab people like you, have the experience and skills that span the entire gamut, so we understand your needs and speak your language.

Here are some of the industries we serve:

...and most importantly - YOUR Lab!